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Test several different spots. Encapsulants: A Technique to Control Lead Paint Hazards. Find out about everyday things you can do to prevent lead poisoning. accredited lab test the paint to make sure the lead test kit worked properly. Your house was built before 1950 - such homes almost always have some lead-based paint. The use of an EPA-recognized lead test kit, when used by a trained professional, can reliably determine that regulated lead-based paint is not present by virtue of a negative result. Thumbtack; Home Improvement; Lead Testing; 1. Peel Away Deck Cleaner. Home testing kits; Home lead test kits are also available. SLGI can test air, water and solid material for lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, asbestos, mold, bacteria, PCBs, DRO, GRO and many more inorganic and organic compounds. Recent Lead Paint Testing studies have estimated that roughly 19 million homes have some sort of lead-based paint. Lead Paint Test Kit with 60 pcs Test Swabs, Webetop Instant Lead Test Kit for All Painted Surfaces, Ceramics, Dishes, Metal, Wood, Rapid Test Results in 30 Seconds 4.2 out of 5 stars 22 $19.99 You should also test places where you plan to repaint or remodel. For a list of State-certified Inspector/Assessors, go to the The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission determined that many consumer test kits did not detect lead when it was there. Keep a sketch or list of the locations where you take samples. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) may have different hazard level definitions. They have chemicals that change color when rubbed against a surface that contains lead. Lead can also harm a pregnant woman and her developing fetus. Peel Away 2. Lead occurs naturally in the soil, typically, at concentrations of 10 parts per million (ppm), with a total range of 7 to 20 ppm. local building department (PDF) or If the lead in your paint or soil exceeds the hazard levels listed above, you should: If you are concerned about unsafe lead work creating a hazard, contact your Add To List Click to add item PRO-LAB® Lead in Paint & Dust Test Kit to your list. EPA-approved kits for consumers cost about $25 for eight swabs and will likely require multiple kits. Contains 2 ready-to-use disposable swabs that turn red when lead is found. Peel Away Deck Restorer. Sample Orders Terms and Conditions This lead test kit for paint and dust is an EPA approved laboratory test that will accurately and reliably test your paint and dust sample for lead contamination to 1ppm (parts per million) a professional lab report is provided within one week of receipt of your test samples. The EPA has verified two commercially available lead paint test kits to test for the presence of lead-based paint on wood, ferrous metal, plaster or drywall. Lead in Paint, Dust or Soil Test Kit. Lead Program. Lead is a toxic metal that can cause serious health problems if it's ingested or if dust containing lead is inhaled. Love Those Hands™ AntisepticHand Sanitizer, Lift Away Smooth Surface H.E.T.L. If you plan to do the work yourself, get the EPA's free how-to booklet. The rule applies to renovation work done in housing and child-occupied facilities built anytime before 1978. MS 0500 ARA is certified to conduct analysis of lead in soil, paint chips, dust wipes and air filters, including performing TCLP for disposal requirements. In just seconds, you will know if lead-safe practices are required. Window removal, paint scraping, and remodeling are just a few examples of work covered by the rule. Test confirmation card to verify results in every kit. Peel Away ST-1. Look for the color change indicated by the test kit. A kit usually consists of strips or swabs that can determine the presence of lead. A child living in the house has had a blood lead test result indicating lead exposure. (916) 558-1784, COVID 19 Information Line: In 1978, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission limited the amount of lead allowed in paint. If you plan to repaint or remodel your home, hire a State-certified lead contractor. Reset It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. local health department lead program. These kits can only tell you if there is lead in the paint you tested. Currently, landlords must test and certify their rental properties as lead-safe or lead-free if a child age 6 or under is residing in the property. STEP 1 Two common types of DIY lead test kits can be found in most hardware and paint stores: rhodizonate-based kits and sulfide-based kits. Call the laboratory for details before you mail them your samples. Smart Strip. to Default, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch, en Your house has bare soil in the yard where children play. Lead based paint in older homes is the primary cause of childhood lead poisoning in the United States . Lead is a hazard to children under 6 years of age in particular. Test all the layers of paint in the notch. Your house has peeling or chipping paint. There are two primary methods to test soil for lead: In-situ (on-site) screening and Ex-situ analysis (laboratory). If you decide to use a lead test kit to test your paint, follow the directions on the package very carefully. They will not tell you how much lead is in the paint … Whenever you test for lead, it is important to find out how much lead is in the paint or soil you test. State-certified Inspector/Assessor page on this site. Sacramento, CA 95899-7377, For General Public Information: Test for lead on surfaces such as: painted surfaces, steel structures, vinyl and other plastics Federal law banned lead from consumer paints starting in 1978. (These federal laws also give home buyers 10 days to inspect for lead. ), Under windows or walls with peeling or chipping paint, Hire a Certified Inspector/Assessor: You can hire a, ​Lab test results of 5,000 ppm (parts per million) or more, or 0.5% or more (by weight), XRF test results of 1.0 milligrams of lead per square centimeter (1.0 mg/cm, ​Lab test results of 400 ppm or more in bare soil in areas where children play, Lab test results of 1,000 ppm or more in all other areas, ​Dust from interior floors with 40 micrograms of lead per square foot (40 mcg/ft, Dust from interior horizontal surfaces with 250 micrograms of lead per square foot (250 mcg/ft, Dust from exterior floors and exterior horizontal window surfaces with 400 micrograms of lead per square foot (400 mcg/ft. All Rights Reserved | Website Design by DDA. 2 near you. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Top 2 lead testers near you. They will not tell you how much lead is in the paint or if it is a hazard. Complete Paint Removal Test Patch Kit . If you are testing paint, test each different paint color. But you have to … State-certified Inspector/Assessor to make sure you get accurate testing results. Paint on structures built prior to 1978 is legally presumed to be lead-based, unless a state-certified Inspector/Assessor has quantitative testing to show otherwise. Mastic Remover. Kits for testing paint and ceramics are available at most paint and hardware stores for $8 - 10. Warning: Lead test results are only as good as your testing procedures. Search. Fortunately, if undisturbed, lead-based paint is not dangerous. It was originally added to paint to make it more durable and easier to spread. Lead paint test kits, sold at home centers and hardware stores, can alert you to the presence of lead and influence how you handle remodeling or painting projects. PO Box 997377 They have chemicals that change color when rubbed against a surface that contains lead. With the new Lead Paint Law in Philadelphia, and to protect your family from health problems caused by lead exposure, you may find yourself in need of a lead paint inspection service.. Our highly efficient, licensed and certified technicians provide a thorough inspection usually within 24 hours of your request, and at the lowest pricing available. In our lab tests, some lead test kits detected lead at levels below 1,000 ppm. The most common home-based source of lead exposure is deteriorating lead-based paint and the resulting dust. 3M LeadCheck Swabs, pack of two: $10–$13. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a list of EPA-approved lead test kits:. PRO-LAB Lead Surface Test Kit (6-Tests)-LS104 - The Home Depot Features. Find a lead tester near you 2 near you. Any surface painted before that year has the potential to be a lead hazard. Lead in paint, dust, and soil is a problem for children because it gets in their bodies when they put their fingers, toys, or paint chips or dust into their mouths. If you are testing soil, test different bare soil areas. On April 22, 2008, EPA published the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule, which, among other things, established performance recognition criteria for lead test kits for use as an option to determine if regulated lead-based paint is not present in target housing and child-occupied facilities. Model # LP106. The PRO-LAB LP106 Lead In Paint And Dust Test Kit is an EPA approved laboratory test that will accurately and reliably test your paint and dust sample for lead … Hiring a Certified Inspector. The results will not tell you about the lead content of painted surfaces or soil that you did not test. You plan to repaint, remodel, or renovate the house. Peel Away Products | Smart Strip Products | Peel Away Deck Products | Green Removers | Marine Removers, © Copyright 2011 Dumond Chemicals. The table below shows hazard levels of lead in paint, soil and dust, as determined by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). If the soil is covered by grass, bushes or permanent ground coverings, even high levels of lead in the soil may not be hazardous to children. The final rule on occupational exposure to lead in general industry was issued in November 1978. Shipping ADD TO CART. Your house is near a freeway or busy roadway where leaded gasoline and its exhaust may have polluted the soil with lead. accredited laboratory and get reliable results in 24 - 48 hours. Eight out of 10 pre-1960 buildings and six out of 10 pre-1978 buildings are likely to have lead paint as well. For testing paint in which both lead-free and lead-containing paint are present, the Lead Alert Total Lead (Coring) test appears to give appropriate positive and negative results within the HUD requirements (whether greater or less than 0.5% lead by weight). Testing for lead in soil. You live in a home built before 1978 where small children are or will be living. If you have children, lead in your home can cause serious long term health and behavior problems for them. As the nation’s leading environmental lead testing laboratory, EMSL Analytical, Inc.’s network of laboratories has been providing quality analytical services since 1981. Peel Away 4. to Default, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Bloodstream Infection, Certificates, Licenses, Permits and Registrations, Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Mosquito Disease Surveillance and Control, California Health Facilities Information Database, Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research, Division of Food, Drug, and Cannabis Safety, Division of Radiation Safety and Environmental Management, Center for Health Statistics and Informatics, Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program, Office of State Public Health Laboratory Director, Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Give us a few details and we’ll match you with the right pro. You should consider testing for lead if there are children in your home and: If your house was built before 1978, it is especially important to test for lead if: The most important areas to test for lead are those areas where children spend a lot of time, such as bedrooms, playrooms, kitchens, and play-yards. Tiny particulates of lead-based paint can fall on children’s toys or they can ingest it through placing dusty hands to their mouths. It cannot tell you how much lead there is, if there is a lead paint hazard, or what needs to be done to repair the hazard. Peel Away Deck Stripper. Lead. Be sure to test the bottom layers of paint. These kits can only tell you if there is lead in the paint you tested. Lead FAQs: frequently asked questions about lead, lead poisoning and lead testing ARA's Lead Testing / Lead Inspection Services. Español, - Peel Away Deck Brightener. ago, but elevated levels of lead is still detected in soil near major roads. Paint Removers | Cleaning Soutions | Graffiti Products | Other Products If your house was built before 1978 and your lead test kit comes out negative (does not change color), you should have an Peel Away 1. You can not use them to test for lead in soil. Find a lead tester near you. You are about to remodel or do anything that will disturb lead-based paint or generate lead-based paint dust and chips that can harm you and your family. Marine Removers. Smart Strip PRO. Click to add item "PRO-LAB® Lead in Paint & Dust Test Kit" to the compare list. Instead of hiring a professional inspector, you can buy a DIY lead paint testing kit for $20-$40. Consumers should not rely on these kits to determine if lead is a hazard in their home. Decrease, Reset The Lead-Safe Renovation Rule protects kids from poisonous lead paint dust that can be created during renovation work. Some good places to test for lead-based paint are: Some good places to test for lead-contaminated soil are: There are two recommended ways to test your home for lead. 1-833-4CA4ALL None of them falsely identified paint in a Consumer Reports lab painted in 1990 as having lead. Environmental Innovation Technologies lead in paint test kit, lead dust test kit and lead in soil test kit are a must have for contractors and homeowners who are preparing to renovate, repair or paint a home, workplace, school, child care facility that … When detecting low levels of lead, or lead chromate containing pigments, results may take longer to develop. Hire a The Blood Lead Program at the Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL) plays a vital role in the campaign to eliminate blood lead poisoning in children. Zip code. Compare Click to add item "PRO-LAB® Lead in Paint & Dust Test Kit" to the compare list. Lead-based paint is a health hazard to children and adults because the dust chips and fumes can be ingested or inhaled. If the paint is peeling or chipping, if it is on doors and windows where normal wear and tear causes chipping, or if you plan to remodel the area, you should take steps to prevent the lead from poisoning your children.      Soy-Based Graffiti Remover, Lift Away Smooth Surface     Soy-Based Graffiti Remover, Home | About | Contact Us | Find A Store Near You Nine out of 10 buildings built before 1940 are sure to have lead paint. Federal laws require the seller to give you an informational pamphlet and to tell you about any known lead hazards in the home. KleanStrip D-Lead Paint Test Kit: $9–$13. Peel Away Deck Products. Get a laboratory analysis: For $25 - $50, you can have a paint chip or soil sample tested by an Home test kits for lead are available, but may not always be accurate. ​​Important: No matter what your test results are, the condition of your house's paint and soil is important. Kits for testing paint and ceramics are available at most paint and hardware stores for $8 - 10. Smart Strip Products. DIY Test Kits vs. SLGI is a woman-owned small business that is dedicated to providing quality analytical data, flexible turnaround times, and superior customer service. The The home test kit can only tell you if lead is present on a surface. Since their introduction in 1992, 3M LeadCheck Swabs have been used to detect lead under a wide variety of field test conditions. To do this, use a sharp knife to cut a slanted notch through all the paint layers on the spot you want to test. The law does not require landlords to allow a renter to inspect for lead. A painting contractor can also test for the presence of lead paint. Each kit contains test confirmation cards to verify individual test results. Background. Peel Away Products. If you are not planning to remodel and the paint is in good condition - not chipping or peeling - it may not be a lead hazard, even if it contains high levels of lead. Description. The severity occurs during renovations or when building materials with lead in them are disrupted. (1-833-422-4255). Up until 1978, when federal regulations restricted the use of lead in household paint, lead was a common component in exterior and interior paints. It is especially important to test these areas if there is bare soil or if paint is peeling or chipping.

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