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Kaeshi 返し, modified to Gaeshi when following Tsubame. Their blades clash, their power and skill are equal. Tatami Gaeshi seems to be a pun of the "Tsubame Gaeshi" technique reportedly favored by samurai Sasaki Kojiro, while referencing tatami trap doors, a cliché in Japanese period dramas. Modern depictions of the technique involve a downward strike, quickly followed by an upwards one. Information and translations of tsubame in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Tsubame 燕 swallow, also read "en" as in Enpi 燕飛. 2C is low, Tsubame Gaeshi is high. Definition of tsubame in the Definitions.net dictionary. Kojirō was best known to have been slain by Miyamoto Musashi during a duel at the island of Funajima. Meaning of tsubame. Return. Lv. ... “Cut” is a too easy translation. Judo move I thought? While some of us are waiting for translation/summary of the recent chapter, I thought I'd share the translation of the fight between Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi. is a 1st year freshman in the Inquesta department. Tsubame Gaeshi roughly means 'Swallow Reversal' or 'Turning Swallow Strike', referencing its fame for being able to cut a swallow mid-flight. What does tsubame mean? I3uster - June 18th, 2015 11:50 PM. So this word “swallow flip” existed in Japanese since 10 centuries ago or so. aerial ace : つばめがえし tsubame-gaeshi (swallow flip) A flying swallow will flip it’s body real quick. One of the Kendo moves. ... That is Kojiro's "Tsubame Gaeshi". Have fun! She goes to lengths to make keep them inseparable, even if it means cancelling her Amica contract with Aria H. Kanzaki. 2 Booster Pack Looking for the whole list? Hi hoy guys! Hiken: Tsubame Gaeshi : Reference Card > Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Vol. She is in Class 1-A along with her friendsAkari Mamiya and Raika Hino. 76 Tsubame-gaeshi 燕返し turn as fast as a swallow. It's not a kanji pun, that position is just called "Tsubame Gaeshi" in the list of sex positions that's basically Japan's version of the kama sutra. A Armlock GARAMI Armlock on the stomach HARA GATAME Arm lock UDE-HISHIGI-UDE-GATAME Appearance FURI B Begin HAJIME Belly HARA Belt OBI Belt drop OBI OTOSHI Belt Grab Throw OBI TORI GAESHI Body Scissors DO JIME C Circular Throw TOMOE NAGE Combined one point AWASETE IPPON Contest SHIAI Corner Drop SUMI OTOSHI Corner Throw SUMI GAESHI Counter Techniques KAESHI … TSUBAME GAESHI is my new favorite execution! Cyan's Desperation Attack, Tsubame Gaeshi, was a famous technique mastered by Sasaki Kojirō, a famed Japanese swordsman in the Sengoku period of feudal Japan. Shino Sasaki (佐々木 志乃, Sasaki Shino?) There is a caveat with this combo, being that whether or not it works can depend on your spacing. Her "六文 -ROKUMON-" theme is a reference to the funeral custom that a toll of six mon must be paid before a soul can cross the Sanzu River to reach the afterlife. Originally Posted by Mcjon01. "Tsubame Gaeshi" is reference to the infamous technique of master swordsman Kojirō Sasaki. double edge : すてみタックル sutemi-tackle (tackle with … Anyway, it can be simplified to "swallow counter" here as it's literally a technique to counter other moves. The motion for the IoH should be done right around when Ukyo recovers from the kick in order to time the link correctly. Courtesy of /vg/ and JetKinen from Beast's Lair. A wealthy girl who was just longing for a single friend, until she came across Akari.

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