WebSTS is a digital entry tool for supplement forms. Stop chasing paperwork.

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WebSTS is simple to use, yet powerful because it was developed by a school district for school districts.

WebSTS provides an excellent Return On Investment (ROI) by automating the supplement approval process. From what could take days now takes minutes thereby freeing up administrations time to perform other critical daily tasks for the district. No more chasing down supplement approval paperwork.

Key Features of WebSTS

  • Each approver receives email notification of a required approval and access to WebSTS to electronically approve or change budget codes if necessary.
  • WebSTS integrates with your school district's payroll system to extract the employee payroll information.
  • Employee self service to track the status of a supplement.
  • Your school district stays in compliance with the general ledgers existing accounts.
  • WebSTS makes it easy for downloading of approved supplement for upload into your payroll system.
  • It is simple to attach support documentation for approvals.
  • WebSTS provides audit trails of all transactions.
  • WebSTS reduce errors. A typical paper supplement approval process can require up to 100,000 key strokes in the payroll department. With WebSTS electronic approval process, keystrokes are less than 1,400 thereby reducing input time, effort, and potential errors by up to 98.6%.

WebSTS is more than just a payment tool.

Your school district's current supplement tool may handle payments, but it is unlike WebSTS with its streamlined system for approval process, ability to add comments to records, and audit trails.

Schedule a demo to see how WebSTS can impact your bottom line.

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