WebSTS: Connecting Paper Forms to the Technology Resource You Need

As the state and federal funding is reduced on a yearly basis, School Districts must look for ways to make tough decisions regarding budget cuts.  Payroll costs currently account for a large majority of the total expenditures of Districts.  Overtime and comp-time costs continue to increase on a yearly basis.  Supplement forms is an area where a great amount of time and effort is spent. The approvals process for such forms is another area where additional time and effort is spent. Time is spent from the time a paper form is filled by a secretary to the time it is signed by an immediate supervisor and each subsequent funding source approver; and until the paper form with all its signatures reaches the payroll department via a walk-in form or district mail.

Built for a Busy World

In a busy world where multi-tasking is a must for employees, it is easy for paperwork to be overlooked and sit in approvers’ desks. This creates delays in the approval of paper supplement forms, which in turn creates delays in the supplement to reach its final destination, the Payroll Department. Additionally, as the paper arrives in to the Payroll Department, each individual line item must be keyed into the District’s Payroll system. As payroll deadlines approach, employees must work additional time to ensure that recipients of the supplement receive their compensation on pay day.

Streamline the Paper Supplement Process

Flexible Solution with Accelerated ROI WebSTS can assist to streamline the paper supplement process. Make paper forms a thing of the past, accelerate the approval process, and reduce payroll costs with WebSTS’s intuitive interface, online approval process, and electronic submissions of supplements to your Payroll Department.

WebSTS Features:

  • Electronic Data Entry for Supplemental Forms
  • Online Approval Process
  • Payroll System Interface to Extract Employee Payroll Information
  • Budget account compliance with your existing General Ledger
  • Download of Approved Supplements for Upload into Your Existing Payroll System
  • Employee Self-Serve to Check the Status of a Supplement
  • Email Notifications
  • Supporting Documentation Uploads
  • Audit Trail of Transactions
  • Browser Based Remote Management
  • Intuitive, Easy to Use Interface

WebSTS Technical Requirements

Windows 2003 Server with Service Pack 2 SQL Server

2005 / SQL Server 2008

Exchange Server (for mail notifications)

Web Clients: Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox, Google Chrome


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